Why you should choose us


To produce legendary Genel products, we purchase raw materials from the farmers in Germany, since the climate in Germany is ideal for growing the best leaves. Also strict control by the authorities over pesticides and pedantry of the Germans give us such gorgeous products of Virginia Gold and Berly baccy.

We do all the best to make our products as the most delicious. To reach this, we use a honey substitute of 82% density and high-quality food flavours. Before mixing and packing, we give a day for the flavour infusion. After that, employees pack it up by the hands. From the first steps till the packaging, all process is in strict eye control and handmaking. That gives us the right to be called handmade production.

What makes us better than others

Step 1

We made our product from high-quality leaves grown in Germany

Step 2

We remove all dust and dirt from the leaves before packing

Step 3

For your safety we using only pharmaceutical glycerol

Step 4

All flavours have authentic natural fermentation

Step 5

We create completely handmade products


Delicious mixes of spices and fruits bewitch your taste and give a great mood. Genel — the flavours that literally melts in your mouth! The taste quality of the product is not inferior to the famous producers and the explosive fruit notes will make you a fan of this hubble-bubble forever.

With each puff you will enjoy the taste of your favourite fruits over and over again, enjoying them through the pleasant chill exhale that has all the features of the Genel product — great taste and ease.


How to become our distributor


The minimum order — 10 kg

Various price positions also exist as follows:

  • from 10 kg - 35€/kg
  • from 100 kg - 30€/kg
  • from 500 kg - 25€/kg
  • from 1000 kg - 20€/kg

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We want to expand our product and invite you to become a part of our team.

We couldn't find a good enough product, so we made it.

We use simple mathematics and formula for each million inhabitants — 100 kg of raw-stuff per month. For example, if population of the country 55 is million people, then to become a single partner in this country, you need to buy 5.5 tons of raw-stuff per month. If you cannot handle with such volume in a month — our partnership will be over.

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